Fundamental Values ​​of Nasir Machin Industrial Engineering Company (Ethics Charter):

As a member of Nasir Machine:

1. Improve and enhance the competitive position of the company among other competitors by relying on God Almighty and using my knowledge and expertise and sharing it with my colleagues.

2. Consider the practice of law and ethics.

3. I strive to create a safe, productive and productive work environment free of discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, disability, age and nationality.

4. Always promote the company as a basis for my behavior and practice, and keep my learning and knowledge up to date.

5. Ensure that the company strives for creativity and future growth in innovation.

6. Customer satisfaction and satisfaction are the key to the company's survival, and we will make every effort to fulfill our demands.

7. Be loyal to my company and show a sense of responsibility in all areas.

8. Make the company a part of my life and have intimate and friendly relationships with colleagues, such as family members.