Establishment of quality management systems

The commitment and belief of the management of Nasir Machine Engineering Company to continuous improvement programs and new management systems in the establishment of the quality assurance system ISO 9002-1994 (2000) has always been tried to keep pace with theلوگو1 updating of quality management systems in accordance with Align your customer orientation policy and focus with them and implement these systems in the organization.

Obviously, the decision to upgrade the organization based on quality management models and systems is considered as an important management decision in the board and a decision is made in relation to it. After receiving the ISO 9002-1994 certification from TÜV cert company, then after publishing ISO / TS 16949: 2002 With the implementation of this standard in the organization in 1994, succeeded in receiving the certificate from (IMQ CSQ) and then uses the services of MIC company in this field and due to the obsolescence of the standard certificate for several years and Obligation of customers and strategic management decision of the CEO regarding the acceptance of quality management system as the right basis for sustainable development projects, a contract was signed with DQS Germany and succeeded in obtaining ISO / TS 16949: 2009 standard certification and ISO9001:2008 standard in 2016.

Nasir Machine Engineering Company since 1396 with the aim of continuous improvement through the development of quality management system with emphasis on preventing defects and reducing deviations and waste in the supply chain, has planned the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of IATF and ISO 16949: 9001: 2015, which is currently universally accepted as an accepted standard of the car supply cycle.